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Ex-Arsenal man Thierry Henry’s big impact on MLS

It’s year nineteen in Major League Soccer, and we’re losing two of the greatest players to play in this league. Landon Donovan has said he’s retiring, and if all the signs are correct New York Red Bulls striker and Designated


Philadelphia Union’s Maurice Edu plays while wearing a wire

Think it’s fair to say most of us have always wondered what gets said on the pitch during a match. As expected, lip reading tends to reveal a few profanities but it’s hard to pick up what players discuss when


An ode to Landon Donovan

One of the most important footballers in the United States announced in August 2014 that he was retiring at the end of the season. A footballer who jogs to the beat of his own drum, Landon Donovan has left a


Ex-Villa, Birmingham and WBA man Ridgewell scores superb solo goal

All due respect to former Aston Villa, Birmingham and West Brom defender Liam Ridgewell, but he’s hardly known for his rampaging runs from the half-way line or goalscoring prowess, is he? He might be now, though, aft


A list of big names who could move to the MLS

We have all heard about the USA finally falling in love with football during and after the World Cup. Because of this, Major League Soccer should be reaping the benefits of this new found love for the sport. One way


Beautiful: Cystic Fibrosis sufferer plays with Seattle Sounders heroes

Football fans are said to be further adrift from clubs and their players than ever before, but this latest clip from America might just make anyone inclined to feel that way think again. It’s one of those moments that highlights just


Jermain Defoe fights teammate over free-kick; teammate scores

You remember former Spurs striker Jermain Defoe, right? His goalscoring exploits are virtually impossible to ignore. He was one of the best finishers the Premier League has seen in recent years and was adored by Spurs fa


Major League Soccer: what’s good and bad about it?

In America you have two forms of fans, like in any other country; those who love the sport and those who follow it, but not religiously, and want to tell you the negatives about it. Major League Soccer has that,


Why commentators from other sports aren’t welcome in football

In America, we don’t have the massive pool of match summarisers like England has. Fox in its infinite wisdom hired Gus Johnson, an American football and basketball commentator, to learn football (soccer) on the fly and try to off


Can an impressive US showing in Brazil cause a stir in the States?

It’s nearing statement time for the United States Men’s National team with their female counterparts outpacing them and setting their respective tournaments alight. The women’s team has won a World Cup, and played in many quarter


St. Louis deserve to be in the MLS 24

Major League Soccer has made a point by bringing in more teams to the top division. So far, they’ve expanded to NYC FC and Orlando City SC. Outside of that they are looking at Atlanta, and the Miami David Beckham’s (name