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The best summer 2015 Bosman XI

With the summer transfer window fast approaching, managers around the world will already be looking to add to their squad and look for any potential bargains that might be out there. There are a number of highly rated player


Watch: Irish couple played ‘keepy-uppy’ around South America for holiday memento

Irish couple Amy O’Flynn and Joseph O’Regan wanted to steer away from the traditional holiday snaps format and do something a little bit different during their trip through South America. They decided to play keepy-uppy


Unbelievable: former Arsenal striker Bendtner nets hat-trick in friendly against USA

During his spell in England with Arsenal, Birmingham and Sunderland, Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner was on the receiving end of quite a few jokes due to his lack of goals, fairly oafish displays and an attitude that was


Mad: Gremio fans fire fireworks at opposition goalkeeper

Goalkeepers tend to get a hard time of it, especially when they’ve got opposition supporters behind the goal trying to put them off at every opportunity. From laser pointers to good old fashioned abuse, there’s various ways to g


Fallon d’Floor contender: Metalurg Donetsk’s Oleksandr Noyok

Metalurg Donetsk midfielder Oleksandr Noyok took the concept of simulation to another level during a Ukrainian Premier League game against Karpaty Lviv recently. Keep this sort of thing up and Noyok could be heading


Managerial manipulation – the strength of spin

You hear the saying all the time. It’s trotted out as an all-encompassing explanation of everything said by a manager with an agenda. If it’s coming from a manager at a struggling club, or one with boardroom pressure and a s


Nice: kid does keepy-uppys with a variety of objects

A ten-year-old kid from America has decided to steer away from the mainstream and make keepy-uppys a bit more interesting by adding, seemingly, anything that isn’t a football into the equation. Why not really, eh? He’s p


Who’d be a football manager?

Yes, the money’s good and it’d be an interesting and exciting job but the amount of dismissals in the game of football means the likelihood is you’d probably last a couple of months and then that’d be it. It’s not


Football managers that lose their way

With Nigel Adkins losing his job as manager of Reading FC, it got me thinking about managers that have suddenly lost their way having made encouraging, albeit eventually misleading, starts to their management car


Why South American players make the best attackers

It’s an interesting concept that has been pointed out by a few, none of whom however seem to actually have an answer for it, but why do South American players make the best attackers? Over the past few years Europe’s


Anyone for a game of ‘Snookball’?

In the pub, watching the game and shooting some pool with mates. That probably sounds familiar to some of you. Thankfully, two Frenchman decided to combine both pool and football and it looks pretty good. ‘Snookball


Diamonds are forever

The only thing constant in football is change. As managers and coaches tweak their tactics and systems to get the best out of their players, they end up forming a new system or formation which when used effectively c


A Premier League Team of the Season so far

International breaks offer a chance to reflect on club football with some perspective. The lack of upcoming matches in England’s top flight and ‘Super Sunday’ extravaganzas lends time to really assess what has gone on


Mike Bassett: Interim Manager trailer

The follow up to classic football film Mike Bassett: England Manager is expected in February 2016 and will be part-funded by crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The news has been met with huge positivity in the UK after the first o


The struggle to attend regular Premier League football at Chelsea

‘Take a look around you next time: how many pensioners do you see? There are also fewer children than at our rivals. Lack of youth development does not only apply to the playing side. Add to these groups the fans