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A summary of the last seven days in football

Jurgen Klopp continues to impress me with the way he conducts himself as a manager. Many people remember him fondly during his time at Borussia Dortmund and probably have them as a secret second club such was th


Watch: A definite contender for own goal of the season

Own goals. They’re brilliant. Unless they’re against you, of course. There have been a few corkers over the years and plenty of glum faces in the process. There’s a new one doing the rounds and it’s quite possibly the bes


Watch: Kid solves Rubik’s Cube while doing keepy ups

Doing more than say 45 keepy ups is pretty difficult at the best of times, but combining that with trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube is just plain mad. Well, a daring 11-year-old boy with far too much talent decided t


Five summer transfer deals still waiting to happen

As the summer transfer window continues to gradually tick towards its customary anti-climactic conclusion, clubs from the Premier League and Europe still have around two weeks to conclude a few late signings and


Watch: Superb new Carlsberg advert featuring Manchester United legend Schmeichel

Carlsberg have produced some excellent television adverts over years and people, especially football fans, tend to look forward to their next offering as they continue to come up with fairly comical, clever advertising camp


Chris Hughton provides the consistency and stability that Brighton desperately need

As we limped towards Championship survival towards the end of last season with a grand total of one goal and two points in seven games, I, and a fair few Brighton and Hove Albion fans, were sceptical about the appoin


Stopping the disappearing acts of young English talent

As everyone obsesses over the Raheem Sterling saga, their attention should be turned to the other exciting English talent that has made his move to the Etihad: Patrick Roberts. Manchester City have acquired a midfi


Why the stats do lie

Football talk has long been the default discussion through my time at school and while there’s not much more I love to give my opinion on, I can’t deny how hard it is to accept the opinion of others at


The history behind Catenaccio

Over the years there have been many managers who have been labelled as ‘tactical geniuses’. One of these is Helenio Herrera. You might not have heard of Herrera, which is entirely understandable, however, he’s th


Copa America – Team of the tournament

It was a memorable Copa América, with hosts Chile ending their 99-year wait to lift their first ever international trophy, while it wasn’t quite the same for Argentina as Lionel Messi’s men’s 22-year drought without


Watch: A look back at Jeff Stelling’s best moments of 2014/15

Soccer Saturday presenter Jeff Stelling is deemed a bit of a legend by the wider football community as he’s, bluntly put, bloody good at his job. His knowledge of the game is extensive, he delivers goal updates like nob


Watch: Icelandic Mud Football, anyone?

There’s quite a few ways to play the beautiful game and plenty of different surfaces to try it out on. From a concrete school playground, to a beautiful pristine beach, the options are endless. Ever thought about having a kick


The Premier League: the world’s best…. finishing school?

When I think about player development and where each player can learn what they need to become great players, I usually assign different issues to different leagues. In Spain you develop your skills, Italy focuses your tact


The best summer 2015 Bosman XI

With the summer transfer window fast approaching, managers around the world will already be looking to add to their squad and look for any potential bargains that might be out there. There are a number of highly rated player


Watch: Irish couple played ‘keepy-uppy’ around South America for holiday memento

Irish couple Amy O’Flynn and Joseph O’Regan wanted to steer away from the traditional holiday snaps format and do something a little bit different during their trip through South America. They decided to play keepy-uppy