Who’d be a football manager?

Yes, the money’s good and it’d be an interesting and exciting job but the amount of dismissals in the game of football means the likelihood is you’d probably last a couple of months and then that’d be it. It’s not only becoming ridiculous but incredibly worrying as the wonderful game of football continues to show a distinct lack of class in modern times.

With so much money at stake, whatever level you’re at, you’ll be under pressure if things aren’t going well. In the Premier League in particular, we’ve seen countless panic sackings over the years. The unrealistic ambitions at some clubs is not only hindering their progress but it’s potentially ruining the integrity and loyal aspects of English football that we’ve seen in the past. It’s old news really, but gone are the days where clubs stick with a manager and give them a proper chance to inflict their long-term plans. Long-term plans; what are they?

Of course sackings are sometimes required as it simply doesn’t workout on occasions, but there’s been a hell of a lot of shock dismissals over the last few years, with many clubs always seeming to follow the lead of others around them or buckling under the dismay around them. It also doesn’t help with the pressure when all the different betting websites are quoting the odds on a potential replacement or a possible date when said manager could depart.

For me, the unstable nature of a football manager’s job is purely down to money in the game. Money is taking over football and with it people outside of football are taking over some of the most traditional and historic football clubs in the country and effectively leaving their integrity and class behind, with ridiculous decision making and ultimately the desire to succeed coming ahead of anything else. I could list the changes in managers we’ve seen in say the last year or so but I’d be here a very long time.

The vast majority of people in charge of these clubs haven’t got a clue about the game. They probably buy a club so they can show it off to their family and bring them along to a few games with added VIP treatment, but the fact is, when it comes to footballing matters, they’re largely out of touch. A distinct lack of knowledge means they’re unable to see potential progress that may be around the corner, instead opting for the impatient, rash approach that someone who doesn’t know an awful lot about the workings of football would probably take. It’s a toy to them and if that toy is showing signs of failure, they’ll buy a new battery (manager) as it’s quite easy to do these days and, after all, everyone else does it. An ugly precedent has been set.

Don’t feel sorry for football managers, they earn a hell of a lot of money and know the nature of the job. It’s the nature of the job that is a concern. Football is becoming a farce and the amount of clueless, trigger happy owners has become a worry. When a football manager is sacked these days, it hardly comes as much of surprise. It’s the norm now. It happens that much.

I don’t have a solution, I wish I could suggest one, I just hope some of these owners lose interest and find a new toy to play with elsewhere. Sadly though, I can’t see that happening. The days of having a manager for the foreseeable future are gone, and with more and more deluded millionaires wanting to force their way into the football club ownership game, the beautiful game continues to get uglier.

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