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Watch: Incredible bicycle kick goal with a flip throw-in assist

Energy FC forward Miguel Gonzalez settled their game against Sacramento Republic in the United Soccer League on Tuesday evening with undoubtedly one of the most beautifully strange goals you’ll ever see – a flip throw-in in to a bicycle kick finish.


Lamar Hunt and the first crazy club in Dallas

When you hear the name ‘Tornado’ you run because something bad will happen. The Dallas Tornado were the anti-NASL, or North American Soccer League club, and they outlived the flagship franchise and club you’ve prob


Herbert Chapman: The man who transformed Huddersfield Town

What if I told you that Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool weren’t the first clubs to have a trophy run? What if I told you that it was a club that most people outside of the town don’t speak of?


Bethlehem Steel: Back again

In US football history, there are two clubs that are known for their winning – New York Cosmos and Bethlehem Steel. Bethlehem may at this point only be known as a name from the past or for the retro junkies


The problem with football in America

I’m sick of the moaning and groaning about football (soccer) here in the States and the fact nobody actually does anything about it. Fans want change in US football? Then do something about it. They tweet all the tim


Why Major League Soccer is heading in a worrying direction

Major League Soccer, for almost fifteen years, was based on a strict financial model that was made to prevent the league from becoming the old North American Soccer League of the 1967 to 1985 time. However, since t


Watch: Kid solves Rubik’s Cube while doing keepy ups

Doing more than say 45 keepy ups is pretty difficult at the best of times, but combining that with trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube is just plain mad. Well, a daring 11-year-old boy with far too much talent decided t


Five summer transfer deals still waiting to happen

As the summer transfer window continues to gradually tick towards its customary anti-climactic conclusion, clubs from the Premier League and Europe still have around two weeks to conclude a few late signings and


Watch: New York Red Bulls and New York City FC fans clash ahead of derby

Football hooliganism can’t have reached America, can it? After rival fans from New York City FC and New York Red Bulls clashed on the streets of New York ahead of their Major League Soccer derby match at the we


Why the stats do lie

Football talk has long been the default discussion through my time at school and while there’s not much more I love to give my opinion on, I can’t deny how hard it is to accept the opinion of others at


Ruthless: US Women’s striker Wambach scores while goalkeeper checks on injured teammate

During a recent pre-World Cup warm-up game, the US Womens’ side beat the Republic of Ireland 3-0 as they continue to establish themselves as one of the favourites to win the competition. That wasn’t necessarily the m


Is expanding MLS further really a good idea?

It’s no secret that the commissioner of Major League Soccer, Don Garber, wants to grow the league into as many cities as possible and for it to be one of the best leagues in the world by the start of


MLS needs real free agency

So we are finally here – we have a Collective Bargaining Agreement in Major League Soccer but it doesn’t go far enough. The owners won, but as fans we are supposed to be happy that the league is back for


Fix Major League Soccer

Despite all the successes the league has had the last three years, Major League Soccer is a joke of a competition in some aspects. This doesn’t take into equation the promotion and relegation debate that is doing the roun


Nice: kid does keepy-uppys with a variety of objects

A ten-year-old kid from America has decided to steer away from the mainstream and make keepy-uppys a bit more interesting by adding, seemingly, anything that isn’t a football into the equation. Why not really, eh? He’s p