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Stopping the disappearing acts of young English talent

As everyone obsesses over the Raheem Sterling saga, their attention should be turned to the other exciting English talent that has made his move to the Etihad: Patrick Roberts. Manchester City have acquired a midfi


Why the stats do lie

Football talk has long been the default discussion through my time at school and while there’s not much more I love to give my opinion on, I can’t deny how hard it is to accept the opinion of others at


Southampton new boy Clasie is a capable replacement for Schneiderlin

Within the past week or so, Manchester United have signed one of Southampton’s most influential players in the shape of 25-year-old midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin. Having been with the Saints since 2008, the French


What is it with English players and their outrageous price tags?

Following the sale of winger Raheem Sterling from Liverpool to Manchester City for £49million I ask, what is it with English players and their outrageous price tags? Where have these inflated fees suddenly come from? Are


Play: See how many of these 90’s footballers you can remember

We’ve spent our afternoon playing this 90s footballers quiz rel=”nofollow” made by My Betting Sites. You may be familiar with the Buzzfeed one, however this one is much more difficult simply because a) the footballers are more obscur


Can Bojan make an impact for Stoke City in the 2015-16 season?

Stoke City bought 24-year-old from Barcelona last summer and the Spaniard was an immediate success in England. The winger had adapted quickly to life in the Premier League and had scored five goals in 10 matc


Why things aren’t so bad at Newcastle United after all

Whenever I look online to see the reaction to Newcastle’s situation I tend to sigh. Their past, including legends such as Shearer, Asprilla and the rest, seems to be the only good thing about the club at the moment. Althoug


Embarrassing: Hull’s Elmohamady with one of the worst dives you’ll ever see

Diving is creeping more and more into football and it’s irritating the vast majority of football fans it seems. Thankfully, though, when a player does decide to put on a bit of a show and try and con the referee they’re


Classic Nige: Leicester boss Pearson hammers journalist

Nigel Pearson and his Leicester team lost 3-1 at home to soon-to-be Premier League champions Chelsea on Wednesday evening. There’s no shame in getting beaten by Mourinho’s team. They’re head and shoulders ab


Not boring: Chelsea players complete head tennis game at the dinner table

With Chelsea on the verge of sealing the Premier League title, questions as to where this Blues side ranks alongside previous winners of England’s top flight have started to emerge with many labelling them as a ‘boring


Joyous Bournemouth chairman accidentally swears during promotion celebrations

After nearly going out of the Football League six years ago Bournemouth are now, remarkably, a Premier League club for the first time in their long history. Cherries chairman Jeff Mostyn was clearly delighted at what is a magnif


Scenes: Watford’s Layun captures precise moment squad celebrate promotion to Premier League

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of days you’ll be aware that Watford have won promotion to the Premier League. Celebrations for the players were somewhat unusual though as they were stuck o


Cheeky: Chelsea fans alter Arsenal sign outside Emirates Stadium

Ahead of Sunday’s huge Premier League encounter between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium, the folks at ChelseaFansChannel decided to wind-up their London rivals with an A-Team inspired prank in


The Premier League: the world’s best…. finishing school?

When I think about player development and where each player can learn what they need to become great players, I usually assign different issues to different leagues. In Spain you develop your skills, Italy focuses your tact


The best summer 2015 Bosman XI

With the summer transfer window fast approaching, managers around the world will already be looking to add to their squad and look for any potential bargains that might be out there. There are a number of highly rated player