Play: See how many of these 90’s footballers you can remember

We’ve spent our afternoon playing this 90s footballers quiz rel=”nofollow” made by My Betting Sites. You may be familiar with the Buzzfeed one, however this one is much more difficult simply because a) the footballers are more obscure and b) it is not multiple choice.

However difficult it is, it’s not as frustrating as opening a packet of football stickers, only to see you’ve got a Man Utd player but it is David May, again. There are some more familiar faces in the quiz and we’ve picked out a few particular fond memories about them:

Steve Morrow’s unfortunate injury

You’ve got to have sympathy for Steve Morrow. Although he scored the winning goal in the FA Cup semi-final, after the match, Tony Adams picked him up to celebrate but in doing so slipped, and dropped him. Marrow broke his arm and did not even get to celebrate his goal since he was taken straight to hospital, and missed the rest of the season including the FA Cup final.

Phil Babb’s last day as a man

It is every man’s fear but for Phil Babb it became reality. Playing Everton, this rel=”nofollow” horrific slide at full pace into the post nearly split the man in half. Unfortunate for Babb, despite his best he failed to keep the ball out and Everton scored. Ouch.

Tony Yeboah screamers

Each season Sky would release a ‘Battle for the Premiership’ VHS (which for a time came free when you joined the Merlin footballer sticker club). Within the tape, someone in the Sky team would pick out the most powerful shots of the season, and it was almost tradition that Tony Yeboah would feature in it. Usually a semi volley from just outside the box against underside of the crossbar. Class.

Tim Flowers concedes a fluke goal

Almost as goal as his famous winning goal against Newcastle, Stan Collymore will also be remembered for his goal against Tim Flowers. It was a tame shot, but on the way towards Flowers, it hit the bobble used by the goal keeper to mark the centre of the six yard box and unfortunately bobbed over him. It ranks up there in the most memeorable goals from the 90s.

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