Why betting on football is so popular in the UK

Why are football fans having a flutter on the big games more than ever before?

While football is the biggest sport in the world, its influence is felt the most in the UK. The Premier League is the most recognisable tournament in the world apart from the World Cup and Olympics and there is good reason for it.

Betting is an integral part of the British football viewing experience and it has been that way for decades. As technology helped the sporting industry evolve, online betting has become more popular than ever in the UK.

To understand why betting on football is so popular in the UK, we must first dabble in a bit of history.

A brief history of football in the UK

According to FIFA, the origins of modern-day football can be traced back to England in 1863 as the Football Association (FA) was formed that year. The governing body introduced a set of regulations that helped push the sport forward.

UK’s romance with football began much earlier and some of the oldest teams can be traced back to 1789. The first professional competition was held in 1888, which laid the foundation for the Football League.

Needless to say, UK’s association with football has come a long way. Today, friendly competitions and international rivalries are played in packed stadiums. The Brits take immense pride in the sport and that’s one of the core reasons football betting is popular in the nation.

Football betting promotion in the modern era

While love and passion are important for any sport to thrive, they aren’t the only reason why football betting is popular in the UK. The betting industry thrived due to several external factors like early regulation, which helped several reputed sportsbooks to thrive.

As online gambling became popular, the UK Gambling Commission upgraded the rules to stay in sync with modern times. Hence, a casino with sportsbook isn’t a novelty in the country. The regulators also enhanced player protection by banning misleading TV commercials and setting certain age restrictions.

These strict steps helped the market grow by boosting confidence for the punters. Moreover, certain events like horse racing are so dependent on bettors that they would perish if betting was banned. Many football clubs in the UK and worldwide are sponsored by betting sites, which brings a lot of revenue to the sport. It was due to external factors like these that gambling, in general, thrived in the UK.

Football betting trends in the UK

Betting is getting more and more popular with each year. Among the several factors that promote football betting in the UK, the following stand out.

Mobile betting

Mobile apps have tremendously contributed to the rising influence of sports betting in the UK for over a decade. And the trend is projected to continue in the future with double-digit figures in the next couple of years.

Live betting

Punters in the UK can place live bets, which makes football betting all the more enjoyable. As more bonuses and promotions are being offered, more people are signing up for live bets than ever before.

Player safety

The focus on responsible gambling practices has helped the punters trust the bookies. The sportsbooks also use cutting-edge technologies like data encryption and identity verification to ensure privacy and fair play.

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