What Liverpool’s title win means to fans all over the world

Liverpool fans around the globe share their views on the club’s first league title win in 30 years.

The torture that has lasted three decades is over. Liverpool fans finally saw their team lift a league title again. All this after years of being very close, with slips, losing it by one point, and even seeing their arch rival snatch first place.

Reds fans around the world celebrated the fact that their team is, once again, the best in England. They witnessed it too. Every midweek game, every loss. Despite the distance, they feel part of the club.

Bruno Ojada from Cordoba, Argentina has supported the club for 16 years. The title win led him to cry with happiness and relief. He said: “I felt that something was finally happening that so many people have waited for – even longer than me! And even if it was not the way we all wanted it to be, we have already taken that weight off our shoulders. This title win means more than a Champions League win for all the time that has passed since the last title.”

Even though most of them have never visited Anfield, they feel a connection with the team, the fans and the club’s philosophy. They share the same moments of joy and sadness, they sing the same anthem before each game.

“Definitely more than a team, it is a family, even if it sounds a bit cliché. This means more. Every motto, historical character, or place – it is perfectly correlated and articulated to make this team a marvel. Liverpool does not revolutionise your entertainment or your hobby of watching games, Liverpool revolutionises your life because although it seems that we always had the tide against us, we will never walk alone.”

Those were the words of Angel Calle Orlando from Monteria, Colombia who celebrated the Premier League win wearing his Liverpool shirt in a small 10-meter living room, forgetting all his problems for a few hours.

From this very first press conference, Jurgen Klopp took Liverpool fans from doubters to believers. The German understood the ways of a scouser from the beginning, creating magical nights like the matches against Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, and Manchester City.

Fabio Jiménez Jiménez was born in Barranquilla, Colombia but his biggest passion is the Merseyside team that he has supported since 2010 when he visited many different websites and discovered the famous anthem “You’ll never walk alone”.

On the title victory, he said: “Without a doubt what Klopp has done with this team is something that must be written in the eternal history of football. In fact, I think he has been the best football coach in the world since he took over, so much so that I doubt if another coach could have done the same. To take a historic club that fought for medals, and to now be respected again in Europe after winning the Champions League and Premier League, is some achievement.”

Van Dijk, Henderson, Mane, Salah, Firmino, Alisson, Fabinho, Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, and each of the players under Jurgen Klopp, went down in history as being part of one of the best Liverpool teams ever. They were the chosen ones to give us, the fans, their first Premier League.

“I think Liverpool no longer has to depend on anyone. It is a team with everything. Alisson was injured and his absence was almost unnoticeable. I think there is no key player, but if I have to choose one, it should be Jordan Henderson this season.”

Those are the words of Victor Francisco Soriano Martinez from Valencia, Spain talking about the Liverpool captain who had the difficult task of being the successor to the legend that is Steven Gerrard, but the lad from Sunderland proved his doubters wrong and won the appreciation of the fans. Another beautiful moment.

2020 will be a year that Liverpool supporters will never forget, despite all the difficulties and even the Premier League being at risk due to the pandemic. At last, though, we can say that Liverpool Football Club has returned to glory and that a new golden age for the club has begun.

By Michelle Duque, host of Los Inexpertos Del Futbol. You can follow Michelle on Twitter and Instagram.

Posted by Michelle Duque

  1. Pues todos compartimos el mismo sentimiento, ese de ya haber conseguido algo que por muchos años se negaba y hasta pareció imposible para otros, porque TODOS nosotros en ningún momento dejamos de creer que esa copa tan linda llegaría, YNWA, somos afortunados de poder vivirlo.


  2. Even I feel happy for Liverpool fans! So good to have something positive during pandemia


  3. The best team in the world! YNWA


  4. That was great writing, YNWA


  5. Excelente artículo y sí tantos años esperando este momento, hasta hace poco era lejano con el poderío económico de otros clubes y la falta de un proyecto duradero y confiable. Pero ahora el sueño es real y es nuestro.
    Salud campeones


  6. It is a great article about our team. As you say, many supporters around the world had waited for that moment for years in my case, around the age of fifteen. it is a pity that anfield was empty for the celebration. We are the best team in England again. Klopp keep in mind shaki hahahaha


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