Watch: QPR boss Holloway blasts fans for leaving Brentford game early

Ian Holloway goes in on QPR fans who left the game early following their unlikely home draw with the Bees.

Football fans leaving games early has always sparked debate. Ian Holloway is clearly dead against those who beat the rush judging by his comments following QPR’s dramatic late 2-2 draw at home to Brentford on Monday night.

With the Bees 2-0 up and seemingly in control, some Rs fans headed for the exit, only to eventually miss two late goals from Matt Smith (93rd minute) and Luke Freeman (94th minute) to salvage what looked like an impossible point.

In his post-match interview, Holloway was clearly peeved with those early leavers.


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  1. He’s right! When you come to the stadium to support your team, you stay there until the very end!


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