FIFA need to toughen up and quick

That bite from Luis Suarez was awful. That ban is a joke. There are, and shouldn’t, be any excuses for such an act. So why then has FIFA banned Luis Suarez for a measly nine international games and four months? They’ve bottled it.

Sepp Blatter and his motley crew of idiots had a glorious chance to restore some faith in an organisation that takes hit after hit. All they had to do was use a bit of common sense. But then common sense and FIFA doesn’t go together, does it?

I can’t fathom how footballs governing body arrived at such a conclusion. For all his ability on the pitch, Suarez is a thug. Those that defend him are either blind or Uruguayan. Biting an opponent in the Eredivisie was bad enough. Biting an opponent in the Premier League was stupid. Biting an opponent at a World Cup is inexcusable.

By banning the Liverpool striker for next to no time, FIFA have set a dangerous precedent. Where they should have clamped down and set an example, they’ve played it safe. Suarez has been punished. We expected that. But the issue hasn’t been resolved. Instead it’s been brushed under the carpet like that wrapper you can’t be bothered to pick up.

Suarez won’t learn. He’s proved that already. It was never a one off. His defenders will cite Zidane’s head-butt or whatever else they can muster but it’s futile. Everyone has a rush of blood to the head but Suarez hasn’t got his screwed on. We’ve all lashed out in competition but the games integrity is at stake. He’s got away it. Yes, his World Cup is over and he’ll miss an entire pre-season, nine Premier League games and any early cup competitions playing for Liverpool, but is that a price worth paying? He’ll think so. Anyway, at 27 there’s every chance he’ll be on the world’s biggest stage again.

You can blame Suarez but FIFA need to get their act together. For the sake of the game, they need to get tough and quick. When those gnashers locked onto Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder, FIFA were given an opportunity to prove they had balls. Unfortunately, like Suarez, they proved they had none.

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  1. I think FIFA have acted extremely well during this whole Suarez issue. The ban is acceptable for me and the way they’ve spoken about it has been fair. I agree though that in general they are far from squeaky clean and have handled past incidents appallingly.


  2. France has been acted like thug through the whole tournament, elbowing opponent player and breaking the leg of Onazi because the game didn’t go their way, but i haven’t see any article about their disgusting behavior on ANY site in England.I didn’t see any article after England player’s diving all over the place either.

    Please stop the hypocrisy, you hate Suarez because he made England look ridicule. Yes it was right to ban him from the world cup, but banning him from club football is plain rubbish, his club has nothing to do with what he did. The true is once Suarez move to Barcelona will be acted, the fifa will cancel his club ban because he’ll be playing for their favourite team.


  3. They’re horrible men in suits who are completely out of touch. No change will come. This is it for a at least another 4-5 years. Bugger off Fifa/Blatter!


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