Brave: lone Croatia fan in Manaus Square vents anger at soft penalty

We’re a bit behind on this but felt it was still worth sharing with you guys, not just because it’s quite funny but because it’s a situation we’ve all probably been in one time or another throughout our football supporting lives. This Croatia fan is probably braver than most, though.

Unless you’ve had your head stuck in a hole the last week or so, you’d have seen the incredibly dubious penalty awarded to Brazil during their opening World Cup match against Croatia. Referee Yuichi Nishimura had a shocker.

This angry and heavily outnumbered Croat clearly wasn’t happy with the Japanese referee and, despite being the only Croatia fan in a packed Manaus Square, didn’t hold back from showing exactly what he thought of the decision.

We salute you, sir!

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  1. This guy is Irish, but he was supporting Croatia. He’s name is Niall. Respect for the lad.


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