Why Arsene Wenger’s new deal is bad news for Arsenal

According to reports today, Arsene Wenger has agreed a new three-year contract at Arsenal putting an end to all the speculation that has been surrounding his future at the club. I, for one, am not excited or pleased about his contract renewal. It’s a bit of a ‘meh’ announcement.

Arsene Wenger is an undoubted Arsenal legend and deservedly so, but he’s a legend who’s legacy has expired. Yes, we beat Hull to win the FA Cup but we shouldn’t hide behind it. It simply masks the problems that were so evident this season. Many people were rushing to place free bets on his dismissal just before the FA Cup win, we mustn’t forget that.

We shipped a stupendous amount of goals against the top sides, we still haven’t got an established, quality frontman and with key players such as Ozil losing his head during the season and Cazorla stating he may have to move on in the future if he wants to win more shiny medals, there’s hardly a great air of enthusiasm in the camp. Of course though, as painfully fickle as football fans are, this all gets forgotten about if an FA Cup is won, doesn’t it?

Arsenal are crying out for a modern manager with fresh ideas. Its been covered to death and these articles aren’t new, but concerned Gunners fans like myself are worried it simply isn’t going to happen anytime soon, meaning we’ll fall further behind the money dominated Chelsea’s and Manchester City’s of this world. We need to adapt to the modern game and the spending culture. I hate it, it makes football almost unbearable, but it’s simply the way things are now. Wenger’s probably like myself in that respect, judging by his recruitment policy over the years.

Arsene Wenger has never been a fan of spending huge sums of money, he’s never been a fan of the modern day tactic of parking the bus and grinding out a result, something that’s needed to win things, and he’s never been a fan of accepting where he’s gone wrong. Simply put, he’s a stubborn man.

Football has evolved but Wenger hasn’t. I can’t see another trophy coming under his leadership. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love him to succeed and prove me horrifically wrong, I just feel he should’ve bowed out on a high after winning the FA Cup. Now, he’s signed up to a future that is still incredibly uncertain.

A new manager would provide fresh impetus, give the fans and players a lift, possibly see a change in our style of play and, most importantly, enable the new man to have a solid platform to build a team from. Now is the perfect time for a new boss to make his mark on Arsenal, at a time when Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are still strengthening, we need someone who’ll follow their lead and keep up to pace with them.

It’s a huge summer ahead, there’s no two ways about it. Hopefully Arsene Wenger has a solid transfer plan in place, otherwise we”ll continue to lag further behind. The Premier League and Champions League is becoming more and more competitive, I just hope Arsene Wenger sees we’re some way off competing with the rest. I get the feeling he doesn’t.

Essentially, we’re putting further trust in a man who’s looked considerably out of touch in recent times. It’s a huge risk and one that could easily backfire. I won’t be celebrating this new deal until the end of the summer window when we’ve hopefully signed some established quality.

By Milos Black – Arsenal fan

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  1. Wenger has not kept up with the changes that have taken and are taking place in the game -We are always full of injuries – more than any other team because of his dated strength training methods, and so we can go on – the same in the transfer market – he will never get the big boys – cause he always sucks the hind tit when it comes to making a serious offer… yes if they come for nothing he will take them – even if they cant play at the arsenal level – like Sanogo and others.
    Wenger must be put out to graze!


  2. Arsene IS Arsenal. He deserves the summer to get it right. I agree that he should maybe go if we sign badly though. KEEP THE FAITH!


  3. Who should come in then, wise guy?


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