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FIFA Puskas Award finalists’ goals get the LEGO treatment

On Monday evening the FIFA Ballon d’Or awards ceremony finally took place after what felt like endless build up and constant speculation. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few hours, you’ll be aware that Cri


Oops: angry American shouts abuse at Van Persie thinking he’s ‘cheater’ Robben

This World Cup could be the turning point for football (soccer) in the United States after the USMNT’s valiant effort in Brazil seemed to gain a huge following back home in America with fans crowding bars and hogging sofas


World Cup 2014: Robin van Persie’s brilliant diving header turned into flipbook

The World Cup is off with a bang and has already delivered some thoroughly entertaining games, full of memorable moments. Of the lot, Netherlands hammering holders Spain 5-1 immediately springs to mind. Nobody exp