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Watch: Probably the craziest wind-assisted own goal you’ll ever see

Wind-assisted goals are somewhat of a rare occurrence, although their have been a few classics over the years, particularly when the treacherous winter weather starts to kick in around the globe. There’s an early contender t


Watch: A definite contender for own goal of the season

Own goals. They’re brilliant. Unless they’re against you, of course. There have been a few corkers over the years and plenty of glum faces in the process. There’s a new one doing the rounds and it’s quite possibly the bes


Swiss league serves up one of the best own goals ever

The Swiss Super League kicked off at the weekend, with the opening game between Young Boys and St Gallen serving up easily one of the best own goals you’ll ever see. Obviously it’s only July, but this one will be incredi


Hilarious own-goal from the Bundesliga

Own-goals are either utterly hilarious, completely unfortunate or just plain stupid from the guilty party. This latest one from Germany’s Bundesliga is both unfortunate and hilarious. It’s a unique but beautiful blend for the viewer. So