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Carlos Tevez – The European journey is over

This week El Apache made his return to Argentinian football with his beloved Boca Juniors in a fairytale-esque transfer. The move back to his homeland will see him reunited with his boyhood club where he made his name


Bit weird: Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria grabs his crotch

Yes, you did read that correctly. For an unknown reason, Manchester United and Argentina midfielder Angel Di Maria decided to lip-sync to a slightly offensive song before grabbing his crotch and sharing his bulge with the w


Dog invades pitch to have belly rubbed

Animals and football seem to go quite well together, especially if history is anything to go by. We’ve had birds, cats and even cows halt games in the past. This time, an Argentinian dog decided to have a little wander


Funny video reenacting the highlights from the World Cup final

This summer, William Lawson’s helped a bunch of fans create a ballsy alternative to the usual hype and hysteria surrounding the World Cup in Brazil and it’s been excellent. As soon as any iconic moment occurred, shortly a


World Cup: fan gets in the same elevator as the entire Argentinian squad

You’re at the World Cup celebrating what really has been a beautiful tournament and desperate to get a glimpse of some your heroes close up. Then, all of a sudden, you walk into an elevator that the entire Argentina squad ju


A superb new compilation of rare Diego Maradona clips

Footage of Diego Maradona completely humiliating defenders of the past is basically football porn. There’s a shedload of familiar clips around and most of it you’ve probably seen already as the Argentinian played