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How should the 2019/20 football season end? Four fans have their say

Four football fans who each support a club from one of the four divisions in England share their respective views on what is proving to be a divisive issue


A Football League young XI

The Football League is full of young talent. More than ever coaches and managers are looking towards their youth team and academy prospects to boost numbers in the first team. The money saved and the potential sale valu


Why the Rooney Rule isn’t a good idea for English football

The ‘Rooney Rule’ is a major topic for discussion of late; with English football set to implement the law to spur Football League clubs into contemplating hiring more ethnic minority coaches when they undertake their search. But


The Vanarama Conference: glory for the Gas?

It’s been 98 days since me and my brother wiped away the tears as we left the Memorial Stadium, having watched our beloved Bristol Rovers succumb to a humbling 1-0 home defeat at the hands of Mansfield Town, e


Stability in the Championship – is it really the key?

The word stability in football is a deeply ambiguous term. It can be used to describe any number of teams (apart from Blackpool) in myriad different ways. Stability is a term barked by chairmen, managers and players alike,


Why I support League 3

The League 3 debate is perhaps the most one-sided in the history of English football. Almost everyone is against its creation – it seems that only the sport’s financial elite and the bean-counters in the Premier League’s headqua


Is it all doom and gloom for English football?

Greg Dyke shared his findings last week from his England Commission and the way forward for the national side if they wish to succeed. The main criticism the Football Association has been faced with (and rightly s


29-year-old postman writes to AFC Wimbledon hinting they should sign him

A 29-year-old postman has written to League Two side AFC Wimbledon practically suggesting they should sign him. His email can’t be seen in full as the club only Tweeted the opening paragraph, but judging by the tone of it


Why judging a club based on the amount of supporters they attract is ludicrous

Trends within British football supporter culture are not new. Every season sees new behaviours, attire or attitudes; all influenced by a myriad of social and cultural developments and fashions. One trend that I hope passes in to the annals


York City’s Ryan Bowman might want to look away now

We’ve all missed an absolute sitter from time to time, but it’s Ok, because we aren’t professional footballers. York’s Ryan Bowman is though and he’ll definitely be having sleepless nights after missing this open goal against AFC