Enough is enough, Ole out!

Manchester United fans have been quick to dismiss previous managers at this same stage with no trophies, so it is time to keep that same energy.

‘Give him time! He needs more players! He hasn’t been backed!’ Excuse after excuse. We have seen it one too many times. Truth of the matter is, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to go. 

Is it because he’s a legend? Is it because Manchester United fans love him so much? Whatever the reason, the Norwegian has simply not done enough to warrant a contract extension nor an escape from a sacking. 

Two years, £279million spent, zero trophies. Why are we still backing him? He has been given the tools required to succeed in the signings of Bruno Fernandes, Edinson Cavani, Harry Maguire, Donny Van De Beek, Amad Diallo, Alex Telles, Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Do I need to go on? Eight major signings made in his tenure at the club, but apparently, he hasn’t been backed. Very funny indeed.

Not to forget, some of these signings made have barely graced a touch on the pitch, and you all know who comes to mind. £35million spent on the Dutchman, and he is subbed on to get a little five-minute warmup. Amad Diallo is another £37million spent also and he is another bench warmer. Shall I continue or have you still got some excuses?

The UEFA Europa League final defeat to a club placed 7th in their league is all you need to sit down and use as a summary. Four semi-finals lost beforehand, and the tactically inept Ole pushed that number up losing the best chance to win a trophy. Four years without a trophy for the Red Devils, and what does he do? Bottle it.

Forget about blaming individual players. Stop blaming David De Gea for not saving any penalties or missing the final penalty. He is goalkeeper, not a penalty taker. Blame the manager, who somehow forgot what a substitution is. Anybody with a football brain would have realised just how exhausted those players were after 90 minutes, just like anybody would be. 

Those penalties could have been avoided with changes to the way the players were set up against Villarreal, but it seems as though favouritism overshadows making clear and obvious decisions. Some players were having abysmal performances on the night, and yet still no substitutions. Players can’t sub themselves, can they? 

If a fifth final loss in two years is not enough to justify fans wanting a change in manager, then I have no idea what is. Fans should not be crucified or abused for simply stating their own opinions, especially when there are valid points involved.

I wonder what is next? ‘Get Jadon Sancho! Buy a centre back to play alongside Harry Maguire!’ I’m not disputing that the club certainly needs new reinforcements to challenge for the Premier League title next year, but not under Solskjaer. 

Wake up. Manchester United is bigger than any legend or player. This is common knowledge, so this should not be any different now. No progress has been made as we are yet again trophy-less in another season. Finishing 2nd place in the league is not an achievement. This is Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world. Not a mid-table side. It is time the club start acting accordingly. 

Whether you agree or disagree, no matter which way you try and spin this tale, it is so blatantly clear that Solskjaer is not fit to take this club back to its glory days. Champions League winner or not, legend or not, enough is enough. Ole out.

By Isaiah Ogunseye – Check out Isaiah’s blog here.

Posted by Isaiah Ogunseye

  1. Couldn’t agree more have been a united fan all my life! We have some top players but Ole is not a good manager. He persists on playing the same formation with the same players that shouldn’t be playing. We were desperate for a goal amd instead of taking rashford off who was shocking from the start he left him on the entire game then changes one of most effective players in Greenwood amd replaces him with fred!!! Ole is a shockingly stubborn manager and should not be in charge of our team!!!


  2. Spot on. We need to get rid of him now. It’s the perfect time given the current situation, he’s taken us as far as he can and can leave with his legendary status intact. Conte or Zidane in!


  3. I think this is harsh. Ole wasn’t to blame for the players failing to turn up. We have still made progress under him. I would stick with him for now and hope we can strengthen the squad in the summer.


  4. Ole illustrated a stubborn streak we have seen on a few occasions in a crucial final last night. Where were the subs like you say? We weren’t at it either and ultimately that is his responsibility too. I think the fans you’re referring to who want him in are little clueless kids on Twitter. Out of the top clubs in the Premier League we have the manager with the least experience, tactical nous and all-round respect. Time for change.


  5. To me they look younger, hungrier and better than before Ole arrived.


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