Premier League 2020/21 predictions

With the new season fast approaching, here’s a look at how the campaign could pan out.

The Premier League kickoff is less than a fortnight away, and already there is a lot of football excitement everywhere. Clubs are jostling to close last-minute transfers, and players are getting ready to begin training. The fanatics worldwide, the punters, and bookmakers are all gearing for a hot football season!

As it is every year, the excitement revolves around predicting what team will carry the day when the league ends within a year. If you followed the last season, you would agree the league has a clique of teams with higher chances of winning the cup than the rest.

Liverpool, which came first in the 2019/20 season, is everyone’s favorites to win. Manchester City and United, Chelsea, and Leicester City are the other favorites. If you are like most people and preparing to bet on the league winners, this is where to begin.

Place Your Bets in Performers

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Top bookies have already released some of their most anticipated betting options. Gamblers, bettors, and fans are using these figures to work out ways to maximize their winnings. While it is advisable not to make any firm wagers even before the league starts, it pays to be informed.

Betting Smart: Working the Probability Figures

Betting houses and casinos use advanced algorithms to make predictions that are almost always not too far off-the-mark. Unikrn, for instance, ran a supercomputer algorithm that simulated all the games in the Premier League. Their predictions are not very surprising.

The supercomputer predicts that Manchester City is most likely to win the league title in the 2020/21 season. The algorithm disadvantaged defending champions Liverpool as it predicted it to come second. Other simulations placed the champions third after Manchester United, predicted to come second.

Factor in the impact of transfers on Premier League teams

There have been many upsets in the team lineups during the transfer window that will affect the league this season.

As you crunch your numbers and analyze team and player stats, you must factor in these transfers. The 2020 transfer window runs for ten weeks between July 27th and October 5th. Players and teams entering loan and permanent deals will certainly impact on the 2022/21 predictions.

Champions Liverpool, for instance, has released some of its favorite players that helped them win the title. Atherton, Nathaniel Clyne, Shamal George, and Jack Walls have been released from the team. Chirivella and Lallana are free while Morgan Boyes is on loan to Fleetwood Town.

Liverpool has so far signed up only Konstantinos Tsimikas from Olympiacos. There is still time for the Reds to add to their lineup before the transfer window closes.

Predicting the top 10 clubs

One sure way to make a flexible prediction of the Premier League performance is to make a top ten list. From it, it will be easier to extract the potential top five and work with it.

The prediction, by Unikrn, fingers Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal, as the teams likely to influence the championship title the most.

Other teams to watch are Tottenham, Arsenal, Leicester City, and Wolves. As you make your list of top ten predictions, you must also include Everton and Southampton.

Expect unpredictable upsets in the league this season

However, while upsets in the leagues are expected, with the ongoing player transfers, you cannot overlook the effect of team spirit.

Manchester United, who ranked third in the last season, are very optimistic about their performance this season. The team is releasing a whopping seven players. This potential loss of tested talent will affect predictions of their performance.

League analysts seem to favor Manchester City’s latest acquisitions and expect them to perform better in the league as a result. You can expect a phenomenal performance from the team should they sign up Messi, who is leaving Barcelona.

Schedules and fixtures in other leagues

It is important to remember that clubs in the Premier League will also be playing in other leagues. The packed season with hardly any breaks in between will certainly impact the league. The clubs will also be playing in the Champions League, Europa League, and The UEFA European Championship.

With the World Cup not being too far off, players will be taxed even more to play for their countries in various UEFA championships.

All these factors will have a great influence on the performance of each team. To come up with an accurate prediction for the season, you must factor them in.

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