Raheem Sterling pens lovely letter to young Manchester City fan suffering from racial abuse

Raheem Sterling proves just how much of a good man he is with this letter of support to a suffering junior Citizen.

It’s no secret that England and Manchester City star Raheem Sterling tends to get a bit of a hard time of it.

After being the victim of horrendous abuse himself in recent times, City’s key man has written a lovely letter of support to a young supporter of the club who has been suffering from racial abuse himself.

In case you can’t make it out exactly, the letter reads:

Dear Ethan,

I have recently been told by your loving Nanna Sue about the tough time you are having with racial abuse.

Remember to stand tall and be proud of who you are and don’t let them take away your courage. You are strong and very brave, and your Nanna is also very proud of you. Keep being you, kid.

Remember, speaking up doesn’t always make life easy, but easy never changed anything.

With kind regards,

Raheem Sterling

Good on you, Raheem.

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