McAlson men’s underwear: quality boxers for discerning football fans

McAlson sent us a pair of football themed boxers to review, so we did exactly that.

Comfort in boxers or briefs is key for any man, so choosing a brand you can trust and rely on is invaluable and quite likely to be a long-term commitment. Once you find that perfect pair, there’s no turning back really, is there?

McAlson men’s underwear really are the bees knees. We’ve tested them out on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke, worn them to five-a-side on a Thursday and kept them on for those dreaded post-work drinks on a Friday and they passed the test on all fronts.

The luxury men’s underwear brand is celebrating its 21st year in production and is led by Pierre Deren – a man from a long line of textile designers and the product of several generations.

Made from extremely high quality, soft and breathable cotton fabrics, with each garment made from 100% cotton, comfort alongside style was quite clearly at the forefront of this family-run business’s minds when designing these perfect pants.

Pierre-Henri Deren, owner of McAlson, says: “Our products are designed with care for style and comfort, and we never compromise on quality. Our fabrics are carefully chosen and developed with the best European weaving mills, and all of these things combined mean that the McAlson range consistently ticks all the right boxes for those who wear them.”

Ahead of the world’s biggest sporting event in Russia this summer, the ethically responsible brand has paid tribute to the sport with a range of slickly designed boxers featuring footballers of the past in their classic gear. The hint of quirkiness in the design sums up the family business. They’re not ordinary or boring themselves and that’s certainly the case with their boxers too. Pierre-Henri Deren said: “We take our work very seriously, but there’s always time for a bit of fun and laughter. We like to think that we reflect the quirkiness of our personalities within our designs, whilst still maintaining that over-ridingly high-end feel. Each year, we take great pride in seeing our latest designs come to life and there is something truly satisfying in seeing the family stamp fused with the impeccable-quality garments we offer.”

He’s not wrong, you know. McAlson really do deliver on the ‘impeccable-quality garments’ he speaks of and seem to be setting the bar extremely high in the industry. They’re very comfortable and brilliantly made, with the quality immediately evident as soon as you open up the smart packaging. They’re unique in terms of their style and design too which makes them a worthy addition to any man’s pants draw.

Any downsides? Honestly, we’re struggling to find any. Perhaps the fact they’re produced and shipped from Belgium might mean a slightly longer wait than usual in terms of delivery, but that’s about it.

Far away from your average budgie smugglers with little to no comfort at all, McAlson men’s underwear deliver the perfect pair of boxers for any man, and for any occasion. We can certainly vouch for that!

If you’d like to purchase a pair for yourself visit their website here.

Our rating: 4.5/5

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