Watch: Watford’s Deeney gives Chelsea fans the finger after scoring opening goal

Hornets captain Troy Deeney doesn’t like Chelsea fans judging by his goal celebration on Monday night.

Watford captain Troy Deeney scored the opening goal in what turned out to be a crushing 4-1 loss for Chelsea on Monday night. The penalty itself was fairly straightforward but the celebration certainly wasn’t, as the former Walsall man decided to raise both middle fingers in the direction of the Chelsea fans before making his way over to his fellow Hornets.

Making such a gesture to the crowd probably isn’t the best idea given the amount of retrospective action we see these days and, probably more importantly, not something a club captain should do, but Deeney clearly doesn’t give a toss what we or the Chelsea fans think. He’s a brave man, we’ll give him that!

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  1. Classy fella. Cheats to get a penalty then that, must be proud.


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