Why Garry Monk’s Swansea dismissal could harm the club

Garry Monk, a revered Swansea legend, has lost his job as manager of The Swans following a recent run of dodgy results and, according to chairman Huw Jenkins, a drop in performance levels from the players, amongst other things.

Monk, who’s been with the club most of his football career, was adored by fans and rated as an up and coming young manager, not just by the Welsh media and Swansea faithful, but by the wider football community. He took Swansea to new heights last campaign and seemed to be progressing the club further after an impressive summer window which included the additions of fairly high calibre players such as Andre Ayew and Eder.

As any football fan is fully aware by now, though, the game is a volatile and ruthless business these days, and although chairman Jenkins should be applauded for giving Monk more time to turn things around than he probably would have got elsewhere, the decision is still a potentially dangerous one and certainly wouldn’t have been predicted this time last season. Speaking of football being a game full of predictions, here’s all you need to know about live betting on the internet.

With Monk at the helm, at least you know what you’re getting; a man who knows the club inside and out, knows the traditions and history of the Jacks, has a rapport with the fans, and someone who looked happy to remain at the club for what essentially is a long term project. Now, with Monk departing, the club are entering the unknown again. The next appointment is crucial and should Jenkins get it wrong, which is quite possible, the club could be staring at certain relegation and, potentially, a long road back.

Of course, Monk was never guaranteed to turn it around at the club and many will argue a change was necessary, but is the risk that comes with that change really worth it? Monk could have turned things around, got past what essentially is a blip and then continued on the excellent work he did last season.

It’s make or break time at Swansea, and arguably the biggest decision the club has had to make for a long time. Frustratingly for Monk, it’s a decision he’ll feel the hierarchy really didn’t have to make after what is turning out to be an off season; something that occurs at all clubs.

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