Oops: angry American shouts abuse at Van Persie thinking he’s ‘cheater’ Robben

This World Cup could be the turning point for football (soccer) in the United States after the USMNT’s valiant effort in Brazil seemed to gain a huge following back home in America with fans crowding bars and hogging sofas to cheer their team on.

Going out has clearly hit some USA fans hard though. One clueless American fan was filmed shouting abuse at the wrong Dutch player, Robin van Persie, when he was actually targeting ‘diver’ Arjen Robben.

Arjen Robben admitted to diving during Holland’s match against Mexico and has been widely ridiculed ever since. American fans in particular have led the charge against Robben as they aren’t as accustomed to such blatant attempts to deceive the referee as their European counterparts, but this one fan might need to do a bit of research before launching his next verbal attack. Can’t fault the passion, though.

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