Is there anyone who isn’t enjoying the World Cup?

The World Cup in Brazil. The controversy, the constant worry over stadiums, the political issues and the debate surrounding various squad selections and potential favourites for the competition. It had it all and could’ve let us down despite all the hype, but it certainly hasn’t so far.

As much as the World Cup in South Africa was enjoyable and was an excellent tournament, some of the games were forgettable. Of course that’s to be expected in any tournament. It’s football, it happens and it can’t always deliver in terms of entertainment and excitement, but I don’t recall a tournament such as this current one in Brazil that has been so glorious and, frankly, faultless in terms of a spectacle.

The unpredictability of the tournament has also made it one to remember. Looking at Betbright’s odds, from the Premier League to the World Cup, there’s a few interesting options in there but so far the World Cup has been filled with shocks and great stories. Perhaps as we get further into the competition it may start to even itself out a bit in terms of expected results, but it’s impossible to be certain. With the likes of Chile, Mexico and Colombia going strong, none of the so called ‘big guns’ will want to face them.

Teams are playing with freedom and little fear. Gone are the days of boring, defensive international football that was the perfect recipe for a drab affair. Instead, we’re getting guaranteed entertainment and an abundance of brilliant football.

As we approach the knockout stages, I’m genuinely excited for once. If we see another Messi-esque spectacular finish or a Spanish-esque thumping from the Dutch, we’ll be in for a treat. Iconic moments are made during major competitions such as the World Cup and this one in Brazil is on the verge of creating plenty more for us all to savour.

More of the same please!

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