Comedian Omid Djalili joined by some well known faces for World Cup song

Yes, another World Cup song. There seems to be hundreds doing the rounds as people desperately try to create a track that’ll reach the heights that the likes of ‘Three Lions On The Shirt’ by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds reached. It’s probably impossible to beat it really, but comedian Omid Djalili’s had a go anyway.

Joined by familiar faces such as Bill Bailey, Ray Winstone, John Bishop and Jack Dee, amongst others, Djalili’s ‘We Still Believe’ is here. We’ll reserve judgement and let you guys decide for yourselves.

How are your ears?

Posted by Natter Football

  1. My ears are sore. Very sore.


  2. You can tell by the write up that you guys think it’s a load of shite! Haha


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