Spurs – a golden opportunity gone

Where has it all gone wrong for Spurs? Not that long ago they were busy beating AC Milan in the San Siro and making a mockery of Inter at White Hart Lane. Back then it was Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart. Now it’s Chadli, Lamela and Soldado. Then it was a swashbuckling brand of football, now laboured and awkward.

In the four years since qualification for the Champions League was achieved, Spurs have gone backwards rather than forwards. Instead of kicking on and progressing to the next level, they have stuttered and choked. Ultimately, they are a selling club. Whether it’s Bale and Modric to Real Madrid or Carrick and Berbatov to Manchester United their mentality is all wrong. While it makes sense from a business perspective to sell players on for a hefty profit, it’s downright stupid from a footballing one. This, thanks to Chairman Daniel Levy, shackles and restricts them.

Talk of titles and trophies is an illusion. Expectations inevitably high but Spurs fans have been sold a bum deal. That 100 million spent in the summer didn’t help either. Until this way of thinking is changed, their potential will never be reached. The club will continue to be a sleeping giant but with no chance of waking from its incredibly long slumber.

Like their North London rivals, Spurs need consistency. Not since the Bill Nicholson days have they had a manager that has lasted more than ten years. Keith Burkinshaw managed eight, Harry Redknapp four. Rather than chop and change, pick a manager and stick with them. Consistency breeds success and Spurs need both. Is it a coincidence that those three managers were successful? All three were afforded time and the rewards were great. Look at Spurs now. Tim Sherwood is at the helm but is expected to be replaced in the summer. Uncertainty only breeds bad results and poor performances, something they have in abundance. As a club Spurs lack any real decisiveness except for firing managers. They consistently make bad decisions and pay the consequences. It’s time for a change in ownership, enough is enough.

Spurs desperately need a new stadium, too. White Hart Lane is an ancient relic these days. Yes, it’s draped in history but it’s also unable to cope with the demand. I’m in no doubt, Spurs could fill a 60,000 stadium without an issue, but this is some way off. The debacle that was an attempted move into the Olympic Park in East London only helps to highlight the level of incompetence that consumes the Spurs hierarchy.

When Peter Crouch scored that winning goal against Manchester City in 2010, an opportunity was there for the taking. It was an opportunity that comes around once in a blue moon. It was an opportunity to make serious inroads into not just qualifying for the Champions League but challenging for the title too. Spurs failed to take advantage. Bale has gone, Modric too. No more swashbuckling, free flowing football, now frustration and disappointment. All we’re left with is the memories of happier times.

By Philip Simkins – @cravingfootball/http://www.cravingfootball.co.uk/

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  2. We’ve always been a selling club and always will be. If that ‘golden opportunity’ would’ve happened it only would’ve faded again in the next transfer window. The level we’re at now is the furthest we can go at the moment.


  3. Levy always messes it up for us. I don\’t blame the managers we’ve had he’s just a clueless greedy owner


  4. We could have another golden opportunity if we get the current blend right. Get two quality strikers, a left winger and a left back and we’ll be up there I reckon.


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