Spain could struggle in Brazil

Spanish football has arguably set the bar high in recent times with their tiki-taka style and fluent play. It’s a joy to watch and is considered by many as the way the game should be played. The fact it’s proven successful in the past and the way it is so engrained into their players from a young age, means it’s virtually impossible for them to change their style and adopt a different approach.

In recent years though, the Spanish side internationally and Spanish sides domestically have been found out somewhat with Barcelona being hammered by Bayern Munich, the international side losing to USA in recent times and the general feeling that teams aren’t fearing the Spanish style as much as they used to. With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching, Spain need to have a plan B in order to succeed and more so than ever with competition from the likes of Germany, Argentina, Italy, France, Uruguay, Belgium, Holland and a few other South American sides who’ll be used to the weather conditions out there, stronger than ever.

Spain’s group features Holland, Australia and Chile. On paper, it seems kind and according to Sports Betting Dime with odds of (2/9) to qualify, they should progress but it’ll be by no means easy for the Spanish.

The climate obviously plays a huge part as it’ll be baking hot in Brazil, but the overriding concern must be the fact that Spanish tactics have been scrutinised in recent months. Park the bus, frustrate them and get physical and it could prove a successful ploy. There’s no doubting that the likes of Chile and Australia could adopt this approach and it makes sense.

As the tournament progresses and players tire, styles need to change slightly. Do Spain have a plan B? Possibly not.

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