Chelsea fans praise wig after thumping Arsenal

Yes, you did read that headline correctly, and no, here at Natter Football we aren’t taking copious amounts of drugs and submitting content to the masses. We’re passed those days, although perhaps this hilarious group of Chelsea fans aren’t!

Despite many heaping praise on Blues boss Jose Mourinho following their 6-0 hammering of Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, these clearly intoxicated Chelsea fans are convinced it’s purely down to this magical, yet clearly stinky wig and not their Portuguese leader.

Do you, or anyone you know, have an object that seems to bring luck to your team?

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  1. My friend wears the same jacket to every game even though we lose a hell of a lot! Us Stevenage fans are a bit odd though 😉


  2. Possibly the first time I’ve ever some across a group of funny Chelsea fans.


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