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Newcastle United: A team of professional slackers

Newcastle United are heading into the Championship. After Saturday’s 3-2 defeat at Norwich, it’s sadly inevitable, although plenty would argue it was coming way before that result and, personally, I tend to agree. So what exactly has gone at the club?


Why things aren’t so bad at Newcastle United after all

Whenever I look online to see the reaction to Newcastle’s situation I tend to sigh. Their past, including legends such as Shearer, Asprilla and the rest, seems to be the only good thing about the club at the moment. Although


Doubting the scouting at Newcastle United

Newcastle United. Never before has a club’s scouting system been so, well, black and white. The much lauded scouting exploits of chief scout Graham Carr has been praised, unusually for a scout, right through the English game. I so desperately want the Corbridge-man’s