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The proper Madrid club

When it comes to Spanish football, many people nowadays are either Real Madrid or Barcelona fans, with that being due to either television exposure or readiness of their merchandise. That’s what I tend to find across the pond here in America, anyway.


Calm down Cristiano: Ronaldo has a go at cameraman

Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in the world, was a surprising substitute for Real Madrid as they took on city rivals Atletico in the Copa del Rey, Spain’s annual cup competition, on Wednesday evening. Despite being on


Lionel Messi refused to shake hands with Atletico’s players after title decider

It’s impossible to slate Lionel Messi; the man’s a gent and conducts himself brilliantly compared to most footballers. He’s also a phenomenally talented player, which helps his cause a bit. However, Messi hasn’t covered hi